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 *I took diuretics for about 38 years to keep swelling down, but the medication started affecting my kidney function.  About 14 years ago, my ankles started swelling intermittently.  During a 6 month period I took 6 Cortisone prescriptions that would make the ankles go down to normal.  But at the end of the 6 months, my entire body was swollen.  I looked like the Pillsbury dough boy.  I was studied by 6 different specialists, and no one was able to solve my problem.  An endocrinologist said that my body had reacted to Cortisone and it would take 2 years to get out of my system. He kept upping the dosage of diuretics which weren’t working, and eventually put me into potassium shock.  During this time, my doctor was on medical leave, so I turned to a reflexologist (natural medicine practitioner) who flushed my system using many supplements.  I have continued to take many supplements over the years. I was told by a Chinese Medicine practitioner that the swelling was due to bad circulation and heart problems.  Another doctor told me I was aging and not doing so gracefully.  I had a couple acupuncture treatments about 7 years ago which was needles only, but nothing like the current treatment. 

 I work in a retail store, and stand on my legs a lot.  I had to order orthotics and shoes with a velcro strap that can be adjusted due to the changes in the size of my foot from swelling.  About 3 ½ months ago, I saw an advertisement in a magazine for Dr. Kim’s acupuncture treatment.  In it, there was a story about how he helped a lady with swollen ankles.  I thought if he could help her, then he should be able to help me. I figured I had nothing to lose. I presented him with a great challenge.  I had “elephant ankles” and 2 legs that looked like I had purple socks on from below the knee to the ankles. The swelling made it very difficult to walk due to inability to flex my feet.  I was worried about getting gangrene as I have diabetes which I treat with natural supplements and diet.  When I walked in with my grocery sack of supplements, Dr. Kim said you take all of these?   

After reducing the amount of supplements I was taking, adjusting my diet by eliminating some foods I was eating that are not compatible with my system, giving me some Korean Herb tea to take, and doing his “special” acupuncture treatments, my legs are almost back to normal.  The purple color is very much faded and my normal skin tone is returning. I can see ankle & shin bones, and it is much easier to walk since my feet are not as swollen.  Also, he has treated my internal organs.  My friends & family that have seen the before & after can’t believe the difference. Dr. Kim said his treatment was very strong and would work – he was right!  He has accomplished what other doctors were unable to do. Thank you.

Dottie Patterson

*Hit “Zhen Acupuncture Healing Center” on Google Search, there are more reviews.

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